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Nelson Young

Crystalizations Systems, Inc.
Founder and Chief Engineer
Holbrook, NY

The design and superior functionality of Crystalizations Systems products have a common and unique origin…the fertile mind of Nelson Young. Nelson's background includes some 15 years experience as a project/manufacturing engineer in the aircraft and aerospace industry.  CSI was formed when Nelson decided to conquer another mountain by finding a new area where he could apply his knowledge of metals and manufacturing. 

Museum storage was an important but largely underserviced niche in 1976 when Nelson first applied his expertise to the museum world's unique requirements. The first project for the fledgling Crystalizations organization was truly unique…building the (13) wings, planes and blades that formed the Calder mobile for the East Wing of the National Gallery in Washington, DC. Nelson applied his knowledge of metals and materials and the result is history.

That Calder project also gave birth to our name. When initially approached to build large scale art, Nelson felt that his life had come into focus...or crystallized.  The name Crystalizations reflects that epiphany. 

In one sense that first Calder project also exemplifies CSI products. It involved understanding the client's needs and end goals, devising the perfect techniques, as well as manufacturing and delivering on schedule. In fact, the most important common denominator between all our proprietary products is the application of materials knowledge and manufacturing techniques.   Many of these ultra-efficient protocols and procedures are derived from Nelson's aerospace experience, and of course they have been adapted and refined over the years at CSI.