Sandra Webster-Cook

Art Gallery of Ontario
Conservator of Paintings
Toronto, Ontario
Sandra Webster-Cook began university studies in an applied science program with an interest in textiles and design, but transferred early on, graduating in Honors Science with a Chemistry specialization. She was subsequently employed as a Research Chemist by the University of Guelph, the Université de Lausanne, Switzerland and the Research Institute of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Following studies in Art History and Studio Art she entered the Queen's University Art Conservation program in 1980. After internships in Ottawa, Paris and Minneapolis, she became the Assistant Conservator of Paintings at the Upper Midwest Conservation Association, Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 1982. Sandra was subsequently employed by the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa from 1984 until 1987 when she became an employee of the Art Gallery of Ontario. She is responsible for the conservation of the historical, modern and contemporary paintings in the collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario. Her work on the Canadian historical collection included research on the work of Cornelius Krieghoff and that of Tom Thomson. More recent work has focused on the 17th C Dutch collection: Rubens, The Raising of the Cross; Rembrandt’s Portrait of a Lady with a Lap Dog and Portrait of a Lady with a Handkerchief from the Circle of Rembrandt, with the support of members of the Rembrandt Research Project.